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Roman Skornyakov, men

Date of Birth - February 17, 1976
Place of Birth - Pervouralsk, Russia
Home Town - Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Countries represented - Russia (until 1995), Uzbekistan
Height - 176 cm
Past Coach - Igor Ksenofontov
Current Coach - Roman Skorynakov and Tatyana Malinina
Training centers - He used to train in Tashkent and Yekaterinburg, but he now trains in Dale City, Virginia at SkateNation.
Club he represents - Alpomish Skating Club
Wife - Tatyana Malinina


1995 Russian Nationals - 16th
1997 Asian Games - 7th
1997 World Championships - 20th
1997 Skate Israel - 5th
1997 Golden Spin of Zagred - 6th
1997 NHK Trophy - 12th
1998 Asian Games - 2nd
1998 Winter Olympics - 19th
1998 World Championships - 14th
1998 Trophee Lalique - 7th
1998 NHK Trophy - 8th
1998 Skate Israel - 9th
1999 Four Continents Championships - 9th
1999 World Championships - 21st
1999 NHK Trophy - 4th
2000 Four Continents Championships - 7th

Last updated on March 1st, 2000.

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