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Aliki Stergiadu & Juris Razguljajev, dance

Juris' birthday is March 20, 1973 and he says he is ethnically Latvian, but considers himself Russian. He has a wife who is an ex-gymnast and a 3 year old son named Dmitri. He now coaches at the Scarboro Skating Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


1991 Junior Worlds - 1st
1992 World Championships - 10th (they represented Latvia at this event)
1993 World Championships - 10th (they were 8th after the OD, but due to some legality problems with their FD music, they dropped to 10th)
1993 NHK - 3rd
1994 Winter Olympics - 13th
1994 World Championships - 11th

For the following competition, Juris skated with Nakako Tsuzuki. They represented Japan.

1995 NHK Trophy - 5th

For the following competitions, Juris skated with Jenny Dahlen. They represented Latvia.

1997 European Championships - 22nd
1997 World Championships - 24th
1997 Polish Trophy - 7th

Last updated on March 3rd, 2000.

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